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Color Vision Recorder


Product comparison

When comparing the Color Vision Recorder with competing (hardware) counterparts, you will see that the Color Vision Recorder is a really complete package at a really good price. 


CVR comparison

Price comparison

Below you find a price comparison between different commercially available products that would start to resemble the total of the Color Vision Recorder.


  conventional products Color Vision Recorder 
  Farnsworth panel D15 test
  Lanthony desaturated D15 test
  Farnsworth-Munsell 100-hue test
  Light source (C illuminant)
  D15 windows scoring software
  FM-100 windows scoring software
  Computer for software
  Total price
appr. USD 150
appr. USD 160
appr. USD 625
appr. USD 239
appr. USD 150
appr. USD 216
appr. USD 1540
appr. EUR 1500
not necessary

EUR 500


Functionality comparison

Besides the cost benefit, the Color Vision Recorder has additional advantages, such as:

  • more and up-to-date analysis features

  • no manual entering the data in the computer (speed!)

  • easy comparison of different test results of the same patient

  • less space occupation (assuming there will be a computer anyway)

  • no fading of the colors (easy color re-calibration)

  • younger patients will appreciate the more computer game like testing

  • modern office appearance