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Aniseikonia InspectorAniseikonia Inspector 3


Price / Order

To order the software, contact us.


After approval of an order, you will receive a link to simply download the software. Note, however, that before the software can be send, you will need to e-mail us the ID number of your harddrive (this number is used to copy-protect the software). This ID number you can obtain by running this program on the computer that you want to use the software on.  The software license is for only one specific computer, so the downloaded software will and may only be run on the computer that you provided the ID number of.


Price list** (worldwide delivery)

Package Software modules* Price
   AI examine Examine 500
   AI design Design 500
   AI complete Examine & Design 1000 650


* Examine: The ability to use the Aniseikonia Inspector to test for aniseikonia. Note that you
                will need red-green glasses to do the testing.

Design:   The ability to use the Aniseikonia Inspector to design new iseikonic prescriptions.

** On all our orders our standard terms and conditions of sale apply. 

Sales restrictions
  • Sales need to be paid with a bank wire transfer.
  • Sales in the European Union are only to entities that have a valid VAT number (B2B)
  • Other sales restrictions may apply, please contact us.