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Aniseikonia Inspector


Product comparison

  • BAT = Basic Aniseikonia Test
  • AI Examine = Aniseikonia Inspector with only the examination module
  • AI Design = Aniseikonia Inspector with only the new Rx design module
  • AI Complete = Aniseikonia Inspector with both the examination and design module
  • V,H,D = Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal (2x)

  ..BAT.. AI
Price (Euro) NA 500 500 650
Aniseikonia Testing
'Optically-induced aniseikonia' testing
'Retinally-induced aniseikonia' testing    
Measurement directions V,H V,H,D   V,H,D
Forced choice test procedure    
Test result reliability parameter    
Fixation disparity compensation (incl. test)    
Anisophoria interference countermeasure    
Aniseikonic ellipse calculation (VHDD)    
Aniseikonia ellipse calculation (V + Rx)    
General functions        
Database functionality  
Consulting Optical Diagnostics possibility  
Designing correcting Rx        
Designing of an aniseikonia correcting Rx    
Pre-calculated magnification properties of
   standard trial lenses
Copying Rx used during testing    
Lenticular lens design    
Bitoric lens design    
Choice of using bevel or vertex distance    
Splitting total refractive power between
   contact lens and spectacle lens
Using front power or front curve    
Calculation of expected aniseikonia as well
   as the optically induced anisophoria
Cross section images of the new Rx lenses    
Edge thickness graphs of the new Rx lenses    
New Rx summary page for easy ordering
   from optical lab