Following an operation for a detached retina at Moorfields in December 2004 I was left with a a significant image difference between the eyes. This caused me great distress for many months but I was given no explanation as to the cause of my discomfort nor was any attempt made to rectify the problem. I spent a lot of time visiting optometrists, doctors, even psychiatrists trying to get help. Eventually Moorfields gave me an occlusion patch for the right eye.

Eventually I discovered that I was suffering from aniseikonia, and this led me, via the internet, to Gerard De Wit's web site ''. Although I did not meet Gerard at that time, I purchased his software and was able, successfully and quite easily, to run the tests for aniseikonia on my laptop. Gerard provided a glasses prescription which Boots the Chemists then dispensed.  I went back to Moorfields and they accepted that the glasses were indeed helpful in partially rectifying the image disparity.
Now that I am developing a cataract in my right eye Moorfields have said that they will consult Gerard when it comes calculating the specifications for the intra-occular lens. I know of no other source of expertise which could have helped my vision in the way that Gerard has. All my efforts to track down his type of in-depth knowledge have only reinforced my belief that aniseikonia is a little-researched condition.
Geoffrey Saunders, mining risk management manager
London, UK