Doctors do some very wonderful things in repairing and healing body parts, and when they are successful, they bask in their “miracle worker” status.   However, when their results are not completely successful, they seem to hide.  When an individual is a recipient of that less-than-successful experience, the community of doctors seems to stand together wishing the patient good luck and then go on as though everything was quite normal.

At times like this, I celebrate the work of someone like Dr. Gerard deWit.  From my standpoint, Dr. deWit has taken the visual distortion resulting from the repair of retinal detachment and done something positive to make vision a more normal experience.  He has done it for me and from internet responses he has done it for others.  

It is a great tribute to Dr. deWit that he has successfully taken on this minority cause.  I marvel that the medical profession, from my experience with 6 eye specialists, has no interest in his work.  

For the record, I was left with “surface wrinkling retinopathy” from surgery re-attaching the retina in my right eye.   I was dismissed with that eye seeing a smaller image that was slightly rotated in some areas of my field of vision.  Using results from the Aniseikonia Inspector, Dr. deWit has prescribed lenses (distance and reading) for me which have brought my vision, in most areas of my vision field,  back to normal.  For me, it has been a definite “WOW’ event for which I am most grateful.  

I recommend him with great enthusiasm.

David A. Hale, Retired Theatre Professor
Philadelphia, PA