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Consulting services

Gerard de Wit, PhD, owner of Optical Diagnostics delivers consulting services in the following fields:

About Dr. Gerard C. de Wit

Gerard (47) has a background in applied physics and clinical physics:

  • Clinical physicist of the visual system (2009-2012)
  • Ph.D. (1993-1997) from the Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands (optics group of Prof. J.J.M. Braat).
  • M.Sc. (1993) from the University of Twente, the Netherlands (biophysics group of Prof. J. Greve)

He is a member of the Dutch ophthalmology society and an invited member of the society's ergophthalmology committee.


Gerard de WitGerard lives with his family in Beusichem, the Netherlands, but performs consulting services for institutes and companies all over the world.  Before founding Optical Diagnostics, he gained extensive international work experience at:

  - ABB, Baden, Switzerland

  - McGill University, Montreal, Canada

  - Microvision, Seattle, USA

  - Philips, Eindhoven, Netherlands

  - Schepens Eye Research Institute, Boston, USA

  - Netherlands Ophthalmic Research Institute, Amsterdam

Currently, Gerard also works for:/p>

  - Bartimeus, low vision institute, Zeist, Netherlands 



Ophthalmic / Optometric instrumentation R&D

If you need some technical work done in the field of ophthalmology / optometry / vision, Optical Diagnostics most likely will be able to help you.  Gerard  has work experience with:

  • retinal imagers (SLO, fundus cameras, OCT)
  • spectacle lens designs
  • ocular aberrations
  • ocular stray light (glare, C-Quant)
  • color vision tests
  • aniseikonia testing and correction
  • perimeters
  • visual acuity and contrast tests
  • low vision aids
  • electrophysiology (ERG, VEP, EOG)

Optical design

Do you need guidance with a basic imaging system?  Or do you need a custom designed lens/mirror system?  Let Optical Diagnostics help you.  Gerard has experience in designing, for example, scanning systems, eye pieces (HMDs), and free-form spectacle lenses.  Also he has experience in analyzing the straylight properties of optical systems.  At the Delft University of Technology he was trained in using the software tools CodeV and Lighttools.  At Microvision he also started to work with Zemax and TracePro.  He currently uses Zemax for optical design projects.


Software development

If you need some custom software made, Optical Diagnostics can help you.  Gerard has been programming for 25 years and currently uses Delphi to develop applications such as the Aniseikonia Inspector, Color Vision Recorder, and Vision Inspector Pro.


Contact Gerard de Wit to find out how he can be of help to your project.

Previous projects


3D visions logo


3D Visions  

Design of plastic lenses for the 3D book
(keywords: optical design, visual ergonomics)



VU U-specs


University of Rochester medical center

Custom software adjustments (Color Vision Recorder)for clinical trial (keywords: Customization software, clinical trial, color vision testing).



VU U-specs


VU medical center / D.O.B. foundation

Universal spectacles: Optical design and opto-visual evaluation (keywords: U-specs, Alvarez lenses, free-form lenses, more info: http://www.u-specs.org)



Nederlands Oogheelkundig Gezelschap (NOG)
Ophthalmology Society Netherlands


Nederlands Oogheelkundig Gezelschap

Website: Occupational ophthalmic requirements (keywords: : searching for ophthalmic requirements, logically organized presentation in website)


Aniseikonic patients


Aniseikonia measurement and correction (Several more difficult aniseikonia cases were measured interactive through the internet/e-mail.  A report with the measurement results and possible solutions was submitted to the patient and treating eye care professional. Keywords: international, epi-retinal membrane, pucker, retinal detachment, retinoschisis )




Barraquer , Centro de Oftalmologia/span>

Zernike polynomials transformation software tool (keywords: ocular aberrations, wavefront, FFT, point spread function (PSF), Optical Transfer Function (OTF), Modulation Transfer Function (MTF), Tracey data, VOL-CT (CTView) data)





  • Research on the magnification properties of standard trial lenses.  
  • Software tool to calculate iseikonic lenses based on aniseikonia measurements during which the patient wear standard trial lenses. 


InterUniversitair Oogheelkundig Instituut (IOI)

Netherlands Ophthalmic Research Institute


IOI / NORI (now NIN)
Relevance of glare sensitivity and impairment of visual function among European drivers
(keywords: ocular stray light measurement, cataract simulation filter, C-Quant straylight meter Oculus, see also: http://www.glare.be 



Midwest eye institute
Midwest Eye Institute


Midwest Eye Institute
  • Customized FM100 color vision test scoring software (keywords: Vingrys and King-Smith method, Total Error Score, normal range checking, to be used in a research project)
  • Customized Farnsworth panel D15 color vision test scoring software (keywords: Vingrys and King-Smith method, Excel)


MD Fonds
Dutch Macular Degeneration Foundation


MD Fonds

MD Simulation software (keywords: macular degeneration vision simulation, see also: http://www.mdvereniging.nl/index.php?p=87600 )



Optical Low Vision Services


Optical Low Vision Services
  • Aniseikonia measurement software customized for the Dutch market and Multilens iseikonic lenses.
  • Software demonstrating vision problems of MD (software that OLVS uses for marketing purposes)
  • Slab-off calculation software for optometrists (keywords: slab-off calculator, normal slab-off,
     reverse slab-off, specialty lenses, marketing)




i-Optics (previously Zernike Systems)  

Optical design and realization of a confocal fundus camera (keywords: optical design, laser safety calculations, building optical setup).



Microvision (mvis)


  • Determination of specifications for automotive display legibility (keywords: glare, stray light, ocular state of adaptation, luminance, contrast sensitivity)
  • Spatio-temporal noise visibility in displays (keywords: software simulation, contrast sensitivity)

  • Distortion image quality test for near to eye displays (keywords: setup design, optical design, measurement design + software, analysis)